Pitch Balkan

pitch update

BALKAN FILM MARKET thanks all director - producer teams who applied to present their partly financed projects on the first edition of PITCH BALKAN that takes place in Tirana, Albania, from 4th to 7th October 2017.

BFM is thrilled to announce the following selection for PITCH BALKAN:

DAJNA   director Christos Netsos, producer Erenik Beqiri, ALBANIA

EMILY K   director Ajola Daja, producer Iris Elezi, ALBANIA

FIREFLIES   director Artur Gorishti, producer Alessandro D'Alessandro, ALBANIA

HANA   director Ujkan Hysaj, producer Kushtrim Koliqi, KOSOVO

MATI   director Daphne Schmon producer Emily Carlton, GREECE

PAST COLLECTORS   director and producer Gabriella Nikolic, SERBIA

SNOW WHITE DIES IN THE END   director Kristijan Risteski, producer Darko Popov, FYROM

SUNBURN   director Slobodanska Radun, producer Danny Holman, CROATIA

THE SATELLITES   director Nenad Mikalacki, producer Ivica Vidanović, SERBIA

THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY   director Gvozden Djuric, producer Uros Tomic, SERBIA

WHAT KILLED THE ARCHITECT   director Mathieu Jouffre, producer Besa Luci, KOSOVO

Y1 - THE SILENCE OF THE DEEP   director Philippos Vardakas, producer Stelios Efstathopoulos, GREECE

YATAGAN   director Vladimir Borisov, producer Christo Dermendjiev, BULGARIA


Please bring the significant material you need to have on the project like still images, a video teaser, pilot or trailer not longer than 2 min.
Be aware that it could be necessary for you to adjust the visual material or teaser for the pitch.


14:30 - 18:00   TRAINING DAY Local Albanian  Teams
Instructor Helene Granqvist‎ will be assisting local Albanian teams to fine tune the pitch for the main event.


09:00 - 10:00   ACCREDITATION
Upon your arrival at the Registration Desk in Hotel Plaza, you will pick up your badge and festival bag. Inside the bag it will be Balkan Film Market programme and catalogue with info about the selected projects and participants.

09:00   TRAINING DAY Non-Local Teams
Instructor Helene Granqvist‎ will be assisting teams to fine tune the pitch.


10:00 - 13:30 PITCH BALKAN Main Event
The final order of the pitches will be announced after the afternoon general rehearsal. Each team will have a maximum of 5 minutes for the director and 5 minutes for the producer to pitch their project. Time includes any visual presentation. There will be no Q&A after the pitch.
In order to preselect the professionals that you would like meet in one-on-one session next day, please refer to the list of attending people posted on website.


10:30   ONE-ON-ONE Meetings
Based on requests of parties there will be matched one-on-one meetings. Please have handy additional materials on your computer to share during the professional meetings. Make your research and be ready, not only to respond to any questions that possible partners might have, but also to take the opportunity to ask your questions.


10:30 FOLLOW UP Final Meetings
This is a day to meet new possible partners in request or advance the discussions with possible partners that you might feel closer to. Please maintain focus and prepare carefully to advance the discussions and set up the deadlines of future steps.

* PITCH BALKAN will grant several awards.