Greek Film Centre film funding pre-approvals (August 2017)

The Greek Film Centre announces its July slate of funding

July 25,

Alexis Alexiou and Dušan Milić are among the recipients of the latest round of funding, which totals close to €1 million

Director Margarita Manda, whose Shedon Avgi has received GFC support is also among the supported.

The Greek Film Centre (GFC) has announced its fourth round of funding pre-approvals for 2018, which was officially decided on in July. In this funding slate, the GFC will support seven fiction feature films that have applied for the Basic Film Production Programme, two international co-productions for the Incentives Programme to Attract Foreign Productions to Greece, and two projects for script rewriting.

The amount of support granted totals €942,000 – €852,000 for the Basic Programme and €90,000 for the Incentives – covering projects submitted to the GFC from 1 November 2016 to 31 January 2017 and from 3 April 2018 to 3 May 2018, respectively. In total, 78 film projects have received GFC support this year.

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