Bulgarian state support for Minority Co-production

For 2018 the secured amount of the state support for the Bulgarian film industry is approx. EUR 6 750 000 (BGN 13 200 000). According the Film Industry Act:
• at least 80 % (EUR 5 400 000 for 2018) of the funding is for all type of film production (feature film, documentaries, animation + minority co-productions). Up to 20 % of this amount (approx. EUR 1 080 000 for 2018) is for support of minority co-productions.

* Minority co-productions;
Every year the Bulgarian National Film Center has:

* four deadlines per year for minority co-productions;

The legal rate of support for Bulgarian productions is as follows:
– at least 30% of the average budget from previous year for the type of film production (feature film, documentary or animation);
– Up to 50% of the budget of the film project, where for difficult films the legal amount is up to 80%, but no more than 70% of the average budget for the previous year of the respective type of film production (The definition of difficult film production according to the Bulgarian Film Industry Act reads: ‘A film production the sole original version of which is in Bulgarian language and the budget of which does not exceed the average budget for the previous year of the respective type of film production is regarded as difficult).
– No less than 75 per cent and no more than 160 of the earmarked public funds under the Act shall be spent on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

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More Info on Co-productions with Bulgaria:


The Film Industry Act (FIA) provides for the relations pertaining to film industry, distribution, promotion and exhibition of films throughout the Republic of Bulgaria and the state aid for film industry. The eligibility rules for projects applying for state aid are set out in Chapter Five of the FIA (Art. 31) and Articles 16 and 17 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Film Centre Executive Agency.

State aid in the field of filmmaking is allocated to film projects selected on a competitive basis by an expert National Art Committee as well as to:

  • Creation of films in the conditions of coproduction with countries parties to the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production and countries the Republic of Bulgaria has agreements with in the field of film industry and audiovision. (The amount of the state aid for films wherein the foreign co-producers have ensured the financing, shall not exceed 20 % of the funds for film production.)
  • The preparation of projects, including development of screenplays of Bulgarian films and films made in conditions of coproduction with Bulgarian participation. (The funding shall not exceed 5 % of the average previous-year budget year for the respective kind of films.)

Submission deadlines:

1st session 16 February 2018

2nd session 20 April 2018

3rd session 17 August 2018

4th session 12 October 2018

Reviewing submissions

1st session 27 February 2018

2nd session 02 May 2018

3rd session 28 August 2018

4th session 23 October 2018


1st session 14 March 2018

2nd session 29 May 2018

3rd session 12 September 2018

4th session 27 November 2018

The registration of submissions will close at 3:00 pm