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Burak Kanısıcak | Sinemarjen Film Production
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The little deaf and dumb boy Bedo (7) is living with his father and elder brother in their house far from the village. After his father starts livestock, he starts wondering about his only thing, the cute sheep. Bedo who notices that his sheep will be selled, is now in a secret and hard struggle.

Short synopsis
Bedo (7), who is deaf and dumb, lives with his father Mustafa (42) and his older brother Ceto (20) in their house a few kilometers away from the village. Bedo spends most of his time playing with his beloved sheep. His father, Mustafa, who can not earn as much as past from the farm, begins to buy and sell animals under the influence of his friends around him. Çeto, the eldest son of the house, who takes all the burden of the house and undertakes the care of his brother, does not see the reputation he expects from his father despite his hard work, and this situation is rather annoying.

Çeto meets the Merchant Emin (40) in the town where his father sent him to do his work. He will be a secret agent for his father to trade animals in the region and thus earns his own money for the first time in his life. Çeto trusts Emin when he sees the high sums he pays to the owners of animals after Emin's shopping, and decides to introduce him to his father. When Mustafa starts to make good money from the shopping he has done with Emin, Çeto rises in his father's eyes and gains value. Mustafa and Çeto are happy of that job. Bedo, seeing that Emin has bought animals on their way to their homes, goes to worry about their own sheep as animals are bought and sold.

Emin comes to Mustafa for a very large animal purchase, he says, contrary to previous transporting, he can pay for it ten days after sending animals, not during the purchase. Mustafa, who earned a good amount of money from the shopping they have done, accepts the offer because he is very trustworthy with Emin. Mustafa's animals are not enough to cover the amount. On this, Mustafa borrows from neighboring villages and supplies a lot of animals. Among the animals to be laid are Bedo's favorite sheep. Bedo, who is so sad that sheep will be sold, tries to find the way to save the sheep.

On the day of delivery, seven truckloads of animals are loaded on Emin's trucks. Mustafa, who is very happy after the delivery, praises Çeto. While Mustafa and Çeto made plans for the future, Bedo embarked on a secret struggle against them. During the period of animal shipment, Emin waits for ten days to arrive because she does not call at all and restores Mustafa, but he is very trustworthy. When the date of payment of the money comes and goes, they can not reach Emin and no search results. Mustafa is cheated by Emin. Mustafa loses everything he has. On top of that, the borrowing of the animals that the local villagers supply is also on. Mustafa sees Ceto as the sole responsibility of all this. Çeto becomes less worthless in his father's eyes than before. While Mustafa and Ceto struggled with this great trouble in their heads, Bedo came to the end of the struggle he had carried out secretly.

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Total Budget            €595.000
Confirmed budget  €295.000

Funding Bodies
Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, First Feature Film Support (Public Support), Burak Kanisicak-Producer-Sinemarjen Production, Local Sponsores, Co- Producers