Silvio Mirošničenko




Sanjin Hasanefendic

The observational documentary triptych on surrogate motherhood shows the lives of several surrogate mothers from Europe, India and United States, torn between the demands of married couples, their own families and medical staff.

Short synopsis
The first story is played in New Delhi, India, where the main protagonist of the story is a naive artist who paints religious motives, and now surrogate mother Ramana Jani, she lives with her family in a small apartment away from a surrogate clinic. Her husband, Harish, was reconciled with the fact that it was the only way to help their family financially, so he signed a contract with her to agree with her pregnancy.

In the second story in Europe, we follow the writer Svitlana, surrogate mother from a smaller place, living with a poorly paid physical worker Valentine. Svitlana hopes that with this good deed she will earn money for her family.

Third story is in California, where we follow the average American surrogate mother Mary Roberts Carter who lives daily under pressure from the media trying to find out more about her and the couple, known actress Kathryn Lee Hamilton and rock singer David Stewart.

Married couple Hamilton-Stewart live just a few hours away from Mary Roberts so they can visit her more often.

Total Budget            € 150.663,62
Confirmed budget    € 76.000

Funding Bodies
Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC)
Cinnamon Films
Focus Pocus

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