Dina Duma



Marija Dimitrova | List Production

The friendship of two inseparable teenage girls is put to test when they get involved in an accidental murder of a classmate.

Short synopsis
Maya and Jana (both 16) are inseparable friends growing up in Skopje. Jana, the stronger one, takes the lead in their little group of two, while Maya is the cowardly one who always follows. They do everything together. One night, after a party Maya and Jana catch Elena, a girl from their class, having sex with Maya’s long desired “crush”. Jana starts filming them and persuades Maya to put the video online. The video becomes viral, and Elena’s life is ruined.

Soon, Elena comes to confront the two girls, but instead she is pushed by Jana down the cliff into the lake at the Canyon by accident. Now Maya wants to call the police, but Jana doesn’t let her. The relationship between the two girls starts changing and collapsing, it turns into the most toxic experience of Maya’s life. Soon, Maya becomes a victim to Jana who starts bulling her and threatens her. Maya has to decide how to get out of this toxic relationship and the secret that brings her life to ruins.

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Total Budget            €620.710
Confirmed budget  €350.710

Funding bodies
SEE Cinema Network Macedonian Film Agency