Enkelejd Lluca

Marvin Rössler | behind the screens UG

Sebastian Sgodzai

Leon, who works as a bouncer, has to travel to his native Albania after the sudden death of his grandfather to attend the funeral. The short stay soon becomes a journey that will confront him with his own past and change his life forever.

Short Synopsis
Leonard, 30, whom is called LEON, works as a bouncer in the red light district and likes to celebrate nocturnal drug excesses with prostitutes. When suddenly Leon's grandfather ELIAS, who once raised him in Albania, dies, Leon's life changes abruptly. He travels to Albania, driven by his uncle, to attend the funeral ceremony. Confronted with many memories, Leon wants to return to Germany as soon as possible. He has finished with his family a long time ago, which holds a secret about Leon and his deceased parents.
After the cremation and the opening of the will, in which Elias directs his last wishes to Leon, he decides despite prolonged arguments with his relatives, to extend his stay in Albania.
It starts a journey full of surprises. He finds himself suddenly in the most bizarre situations again, meets a wide variety of people and also gets to know Zoe, a German-born photojournalist. On his journey Leon is more and more confronted with the "real" life. With a birth, love, family and later death.
After all Leon learns something about his life on his road trip across the country, that he did not know before and was never talked about in his family. The truth about his parents and his grandfather Elias. A realization that will change his life forever.

Secured Budget                                     118.500 (15 %)
Total Budget                                            790.000

Funding Bodies
Hessian Film Fund                                  15.000
behind the screens UG                           25.000
DOMAR Film GmbH                                 21.500
MAPP media GmbH                                 42.000
FOUR GUYS Film Distribution GbR      15.000