In a post‐digital era, an isolated community lives inside a self‐sustaining City‐Building, safeguarding “human knowledge”. A young man with memory loss unexpectedly appears and provokes a chain of devastating events. Is he their savior or their destroyer?

Short synopsis
Present Time: A badly injured young man appears on the outer surface of an isolated City-Building, where a strict bureaucracy safeguards “human knowledge” in the memory of the gifted people; they transmit data entries verbally, from one to the other and from generation to generation. Mnemonic Loader Lara recognizes on the face of the newcomer her youthful love, Nichmon, who left 25 years ago. Even if he fails to remember where he went or why he is still young, their relationship revives, despite the age gap. Young activist Timrod also attracts Nichmon’s lust. A major food-supplies ecological crisis erupts; the dominant castes decide to sacrifice a large part of the population. Timrod and her comrades intend to escape; they have secretly constructed an edible fibre-rope; during a rioting though, hungry adolescents discover and devour it. Nichmon, regarded as a traitor, is stabbed by the activists violently in the heart.
25 Years Later: Young Nichmon, bearing a big wound on his chest, appears on the City-Building’s dark surface. The remaining population is ruled by middle-aged Timrod’s harsh dictatorship; the regime is disputed by elderly Lara who refuses to transmit her memory. Nichmon once again meets Lara who fiercely attacks him; he is no other than the cruel jailer of this wretched prison! Their ruthless masters send him, again and again, to secure that no one will ever escape; much less avoid the sentence they have been convicted to: constantly reloading a useless fragmented knowledge. An unexpected fire occurs; Nichmon, although stunned by the accusations, saves Lara before dropping dead from terrible burns.
70 Years Before: Young Nichmon, with a large part of his face burnt, appears onto the City-Building. The day is bright; a little girl approaches. "What's your name?", "Lara", she replies. Behind her, a crowded zeppelin suddenly collapses in flames. It seems that, besides Nichmon, nobody has ever left!

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Total Budget      €1.000.000
Secured Fund    42,8%

Funding Bodies
Public funds
Creative Europe media program, Greek Film Center
Two time filmaking, Authorwave, Prod2demain, Ama les films a la carte, Eyelandarts