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A young successful doctor discovers that her father is a war criminal in a neighboring country.

Short synopsis
ANA, a handsome brunette with short hair, after graduating from the medical faculty, begin praxis at a hospital in Belgrade. Ana's father, LAZAR, is a general in the Serbian army in the Bosnian war and occasionally comes home to visit his daughter and wife MARA. When GORAN, Ana’s boyfriend, who is rehearsing the new role for a play, gets sent to war, she starts to become more attentive to the war.

Ana works at the hospital with her close friend SANJA, who she shares her joys and troubles with. In various situations, Ana enters into conflict with friends and acquaintances who blame her father for the war, while others support and praise him as a hero. Her acquaintance with the Italian journalist ANTONIO, leads Ana to discover the fact that her father is a war criminal.

During one of Lazar's arrival from the war, Ana argues with him because he has changed and he didn't free Goran from the war.

Ana’s determination brings her to Bosnia. This trip changes her complete picture of the war. She is trapped by her father's soldiers who try to rape her together with other Bosnian women. Her world and love for her father collapse when she finds out that Goran was killed before her arrival in Bosnia.

Total budget   €1.104.517,21
Confirmed         €199.749,28

Funding Bodies
Focus Fox Studio Award
Roma Lazio Film Commission
Tax Credit

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