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Andrea Magnani


Surrounded by impressive mountains, the tiny Kosovo village of Drajcici displays a church and a mosque representing the two souls of the village. A lot can be learned by the young habitants who respond to Kosovar identity and the plight of a changing Europe.

Short synopsis
The documentary focuses on the stories of Feim, Nihad and some of their fellow citizens. The former is the fifty-eight-year-old owner of the small local shop, who can be defined as “Yugo-nostalgic”, reminding constantly how beautiful life was during Yugoslavia, where everybody had a job and you could freely move across the whole Balkans. He is father of two daughters, both leaving in Sweden. Nihad, on the contrary, is just 16 years old, he was born in Drajcici and goes to school in Prizren, the closest city. He is the only son left in the village, while his older brothers are both living in France. After school, Nihad will also leave Drajcici in order to join them in Western Europe. Nihad lives in a state that exists officially only from 10 years, while Feim already saw his village changing three different countries and prefers to live mainly within his memories.

What is the identity of Nihad and Feim? What is their sense of belonging to Kosovo? Both of them have parts of their family living elsewhere. Since the ‘80s, brothers, sisters and cousins of the residents of Drajcici chose to leave, searching for work in other countries. But the attachment to their birthplace never waned: at least once every year they come back to Drajcici to spend some time with their parents and their relatives. This return embeds the encounter between Kosovo and Europe, where in the intimacy of family dinners the conflicts and the hardships of a diasporic people emerge. What can we learn of Europe at their tables? What can Europe learn from looking at its periphery?

Total Budget                                               €181.821
Confirmed budget                                       €18.621

Funding Bodies
FVG Film Fund / Education confirmed    €3.000
RomaTrial e.V. confirmed                          €1.500
Crowdfunding confirmed                           €4.600
Technical support confirmed                     €9.521

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