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A transgender sex worker, Christina, lives with her cat and collects antiques. The man she started to build a platonic relationship with, leaves Belgrade suddenly. Christina embarks on a mission to find him, while running away from an incpector who is trying to become her pimp.

Short synopsis
PROLEGOMENON or: How to become who you are
Milana Milosavljević a.k.a. Christina Ferrari was born in a little provincial town, called Zaječar, into a modest family as a first male child. During her sophomore year, as an A student of the language gymnasium, she drops out of school and leaves her hometown in which no one understands her and does not accept her for who she is. To make things worse, she, herself, is not even sure what she is like and who she is, but she decides to live in the truth, which is not “seen” by many at the time , but which she undoubtedly feels.

After Zaječar, Niš and Budva, 20-year-old Christina moves to the capital, Belgrade. In the middle of winter, she rents a small, glass terrace in a house in Zemun and starts fighting for the fulfillment of her dream – to become who she is.

After ten years of serious battle, after hormonal therapy and several surgeries, her sex has finally been adjusted to her gender identity and her true self received its obviosity.
In a world we live in, money does not solve all problems, but it could solve many of Christina’s problems and that is why she decides to earn it. And succeeds. Today, Christina is earning good money and lives far above the average. She has all the characteristics and the qualities of an entrepreneur. She is intelligent, she is hard-working and economical. She is aware of the importance of marketing and uses all the advantages of social media.She provides quality services professionally and the most important thing to her is for the client to be satisfied.

And this is where our film begins

It starts with a quiet entrance into the word of a transgender person who is a sex worker. Christina chose to do this and has been doing it for 13 years, she does not have a pimp, she is not an addict of any kind and she is not a charity case. She loves antiques, wrought iron and xylography. She lives with her cat in a small but luxuriously decorated house with afront porch supported by Ionic columns.

She plans every minute of her day in detail. She spends her free time searching for antiques or with friends who are transvestites or transgender. They replace each other’s families, which are, for each of them in a different sense, far away.

Christina’s work is about meetings with clients and working on self-promotion and marketing, so she could find clients. Promotion and marketing require Christina to be a producer and also a creator of the content she uploads to her YouTube channel, and so we faithfully follow her during different stages of the organization of filming and acquiring costumes as well as during the postproduction moments while she is sitting and editing the video clips by herself.

The second segment of her job, or, to be more specific, of providing services, is wrapped in a veil of secrecy, but according to Christina’s claims, it can be characterized as a dream and fantasy fulfillment of her clients. Exactly on the trail of “dream and fantasy fulfillment”, that part of Christina’s job, we will present through the elements of fantasy and fiction, byChristina dressed in different costumes and in different surroundings, depicting the fantasies of her clients in an abstract way.

The problems in Christina’s well organized and well-planned life occur when a police inspector tries to enter it, in a rude and noisy way, and wants to impose himself as her pimp.Simultaneously with his aggressive and intrusive entrance, a man slowly walks into Christina’s life, with whom she starts building some kind of a platonic love.
And just when we think that Christina will finally find true love, she gets arrested for sex work and in front of the very eyes of the manto whom she wants to present herself in the best light possible. While dealing with state and administration of justice, the man who is her platonic love, disappears, so to speak. Christina engages in some kind of an unplanned subtle detective research in order to find out where he went. After receiving the information that he went back to his hometown in Albania, she decides to find out why. She embarks on a trip by herself and finds him in an extremely rural area, surrounded by family. By watching him, she understands that it is best for her to back down so she could protect him from herself.

Total Budget               €235.315,10
Confirmed budget       €45.000

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Film Centre Serbia
Inkubator REZON

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