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The archetypal confrontation and intimacy of two human beings in the real world becomes increasingly impossible as our civilization is getting even more complex by the day.

Short synopsis
The Phoenix is a mythical bird. It has a life cycle in which it ends its own life by building a nest out of twigs and herbs and then setting fire to it. The nest and the bird both burn into dust, from which another Phoenix is born. The Phoenix, then, rises from the ashes. It is said that its cry sounds like a beautiful song.

The main characters of the script of “A Scream as a Beautiful Song” are Šimon and Magda, who set off on a trip trekking around the Rila mountain range in Bulgaria. They begin with Musala mountain, the highest peak of the Rila mountain range, and then move on to their goal, the Rila Monastery. Here they decide to part; Magda intends to stay for a few weeks in the monastery, Šimon plans a solo trip crossing the next Bulgarian mountain range, Pirin.

“A Scream as a Beautiful Song” is a very personal film with an urgent and relevant multigenerational message. In a world in which the number of inhabitants doubled during our parents’ lifetimes, in a world in which we communicate and create relationships through social sites which we mold to our own images, the archetypal confrontation and intimacy of two human beings in the real world is increasingly more complex.

Total Budget            €548.415
Confirmed budget  €120.000

Funding Bodies
Czech Film Fund
Bank Loan, own contribution of the company
Heaven's Gate - financial and material deposit

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