Bogdan Muresanu


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Funding, Co-producer, Sales Agent, TV station

Total Budget           €900.000
Confirmed budget €400.000

In 1985, while large parts of historical Bucharest are being demolished for Ceausescu’s megalomaniac urban planning, Securitate officer Laurentiu Dinca is investigating a case of illegal manifestos against the destruction. As the demolition works get closer to his own mother’s house, and he gets closer to finding the culprit, Dinca slowly realises the absurdity of he system that he is working for.

Short synopsis
It is 1996 and estate agent Dinca starts receiving odd midnight phone calls as well as strange newspaper cuttings that appear mysteriously in his car. He is concerned but not extremely worried until he goes to meet a client in a derelict building site. As he explores the property he is taken hostage and tied up by an unknown attacker. As the attacker is more and more abusive, between black-outs, Dinca goes back in time trying to remember the 1985 period when he was a Securitate officer.
It was the winter of 1985 and Dinca was facing a difficult investigation in the case of illegal manifestos against the Ceausescu regime. He was focusing on a student dorm, where the manifestos seemed to have originated. With the help of the dorm’s administrator, Gheorghe Benghe, he plants fake evidence in order to “persuade” one student to give him information on the dorm’s activities.
Dinca is worried even more about his mother who lives in an area scheduled for demolition to make room for the building of Ceausescu’s House of People. His mother seems to have accepted the fact that she has to move, but she isn’t actually doing anything about it. Dinca, with the assistance of his boss, the bloodcurdling Securitate colonel Stamate, secures a well-positioned flat that he furnishes for his mother. But the Mother is more and more reluctant to move.
In 1996 the attacker is forcing him to remember the past and threatens him with raping his wife and hurting his child.
Dinca pursues his investigation and when new manifestos surface, he needs to bring back result fast. The student brings back meagre information. Dinca’s Mother, instead of packing, is more and more convinced that the near-by church is a place of miracles, where the frescoes are shedding tears. Ultimately she decides to lock herself and two other neighbours inside. They get arrested. Dinca has to act fast as his superiors are angry and blame him for his mother’s actions. That’s when he decides to plant forged evidence one more time.
Without any explanation, Dinca is released from his one day ordeal. All threats have been mere threats. He returns safely to his unarmed family.