Title of the Project
Original   PRITJA
English    THE WAIT

Short Film

Country of Application of the project

Maria and Gani are an old couple living in a forsaken village. After not hearing from their son,who lives out of state,for a long time, they try and deal with some sacrifices they have to face, to make a living and to survive.

Ganiu and Maria are an old couple, around 70 years old. They live in an isolated village in Albania. Without security reserves the wife nor the husband, they struggle for survival.
Ganiu goes every day to the market, to sell vegetables, while Maria, sick and with mental health problems, stays home taking care of cooking aswell. Their main economy source is their son, Miri , who is living abroad for years. In the late couple of weeks though, strangely, Miri has not made contact with his parents. His phone seems turned unreachable.

Meanwhile at the bank, there is no news from him either. Maria , facing these facts, thinks that its best to rely for help, on an old friend of Miri’s, Arjan. He is a businessman who lives close to the city. Maria goes to Arjan to ask help from him, to try and reach her son.

On the other side, Ganiu finds out of her actions, and is not happy about Maria’s decision. He confesses her , about the true nature of his dislike for Arjan.
Due to her mental health, Maria gives more signs of mental problems. On the other hand, Arjan is organising a face to face meeting with Ganiu. In this meeting a new fact is
presented, and is shocking. Ganiu must face a decision.

Aldo Marku
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