Title of the Project
Original   NE TË TREJA
English    THE THREE OF US

Feature Film

Country of origin of the project

Amid the corrupt indifference of Albania's chaotic capital city, a weary, a middle-aged mother is determined to find justice after her wallet is stolen on a public bus.

Tirana, Albania, present day. In a suburban school just outside the hectic capital city, a young girl, EMA, is unhappy after she receives a low grade on her math exam. When Ema's weary, middle-aged mother, SONI, arrives to pick up her daughter, it becomes obvious that the teacher has purposely lowered the grade in order to get Soni to pay for private lessons. Soni, her traditional mother-in-law, LETA and Ema set off across the busy city for the memorial wake of a relative. Back outside, Leta collapses from heart trouble. Soni and Ema rush her to the hospital.

In order to see a doctor, an increasingly desperate Soni must bribe the receptionist and cut in front of the other patients. The doctor insists Leta stay overnight for further tests. Leta is unhappy with the hospital sheets and nightwear so Soni heads home to get fresh supplies. On the city bus, Soni's wallet is stolen. When the police arrive, Soni sets out on an impossible journey around the enormous Albanian capital to find the thieves who have taken all her remaining money. After the police car runs out of gas, Soni ends up walking all the way to the police station. At headquarters, a sympathetic detective asks Soni to repeat the day's events for the third time. The detective promises to contact Soni if any progress on her case is made. Alone and broke, Soni goes out into the Albanian capital.

Suela Bako
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