Title of the Project
Original   TUHAF MEYVE

Short Film

Country of Application of the project

Visiting a single mother’s house for a documentary, Ezgi finds instead a little girl playing her mother. As she realizes that the mother is murdered by the father – who also happens to be her own fiancé - Ezgi finds herself struggling with the possibility of becoming a single mother herself.

When Ezgi, together with her brother Berk, visits Özge's house for a documentary on single mothers; Nehir, an unattended 10-year-old kid, wearing her mom’s fancy dress with a heavy make-up meets them in a quite messy and cold house where she feeds herself on ice cream and black coffee despite her high fever and severe cough attacks.

Nehir’s cold manners towards Ezgi warm up as she cooks lentil soup for her. Briefly tasting that obscure, yet undeniably authentic feeling of motherhood for this sweet and highly intelligent kid, Ezgi soon realizes that the mother is lying upstairs dead and has been murdered by the very man she herself is planning to marry. Moreover, it doesn’t take an extra effort for her to notice that Nehir, denying the unbearable trauma of her mother’s death, puts her own health as a bait towards her mother trying to convince her to get up by doing all sorts of things she is not allowed to.

Will Ezgi choose to assume responsibility like a mother for saving the little girl despite the threat of conviction or will she turn a blind eye to her calling in favor of her interests?

Asli Yazir