Title of the Project
Original    DRUGOST
English     OTHERNESS

Feature Film

Country of origin of the project

Without her knowledge, the life of a 29 year old writer Lila Serafimska is monitored by the magic hidden camera.

“ OTHERNESS “ is story about young Macedonian writer called Lila Serafimska , an Albanian photographer by the name Edlira and a Pakistani musician Joseph, who meet as grant –holders in Vienna.

After some initial misunderstandings a close friendship develops between the three of them, and Edlira and Joseph even become lovers. But Edlira has hepatitis and her health declines rapidly. She dies shortly before the end of their stay in Vienna and Joseph decides to return to his brother in Paris.

These events are narrated from the point of view of a hidden micro-camera implanted in Lila’s big thoe when she was small.

Its narration is complemented by Lila’s Vienna diary entries and a wealth of anecdotes as she reflects nostalgically on her childhood in Macedonia. Her study years in Romania, where she meet her husband , her move to Slovenia to live with him, and her trips to the U S A , Taiwan and Scandinavia - all with a dash of magic.

The story revolves around issues of “foreignness “ , home and identity, which it treats from a range of perspectives with sharp , profound insights .Refreshing self-irony underlies its observations of the protagonists and their “ modern nomadic “ lifestyle.

Tomislav Aleksov
++389 71 218 873