Title of the Project
Original   NJI PREJ NESH
English    ONE OF US

Feature Film

Country of origin of the project

A former volunteer in the Kosovo war returns to Albania to pursue a career in the police force. In the country’s chaotic and corrupt capital city, Tirana, the ex-soldier turned cop ends up solving the crimes he committed.

Sula, a Kosovo war veteran marked by its atrocities, gets admitted to the Police Academy. Showing a lot of commitment he graduates with the rank of Inspector. He suffers under insomnia. In contact with the crime world of Tirana his situation aggravates. The refusal of a girl he tries to court, insomnia, headaches and other health problems SULA turns into violence: he organizes a crime of passion that implicates corrupt functionaries, making it the perfect crime.
Sula applies for a higher rank while working to solve his very own crime.

Ergys Meta
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