Title of the Project
English       NEVER HAPPENED

Feature Film

Country of origin of the project

A “looser” filmmaker will accidentally gain international recognition because, while making a documentary about a group of phony human rights activists, he will uncover a controversial war crime story and manage to escape the enraged living-dead victims of the war crime.

"Never happened" is a satirical cross-genre black-humor mockumentary comedy with a twist of found footage horror that follows a group of phony human rights activists that travel by bus from Belgrade to a remote Bosnian mountain called Brložnik for the 25th anniversary commemoration of a little known war massacre. The entire farce we follow through a camera lens of the main protagonist, Ivan a 39-year looser filmmaker, who still has grand dreams of a big film and world fame, yet who has once again landed a shitty gig following a group of pretentious activists while trying to make an “important” documentary about “dealing with the past”. After a numerous bizarre and idiotic situations during the bus trip, we quickly realize the true faces of phony activists and get a subtle glimpse of series of disturbing events that are looming.

The rowdy group arrives to the surreal world of hotel Jasen on Brložnik mountain, only to realize that the hotel personnel and the entire atmosphere looks like they have stepped back 25 years. As the horror begins to unfold, Ivan slowly starts to understand that the hotel employees are none other than the “living dead” victims of the war crime that have been brutally murdered 25 years ago, and that have never been found and identified. Satko, one of the victims at the hotel explains to Ivan that all of them are in dire need of proof of their existence so they can finally find their eternal peace. From that moment Ivan is certain that this is the film that he has been searching for all along and that it will most certainly bring him international recognition. But simultaneously, the otherwise friendly hotel personnel become enraged, as they realize that they will not be able to get the mere approval of their existence from this group of insincere human rights activists and they initiate on a killing spree that only Ivan and his camera will manage to survive.

After missing for 2 years, Ivan will mysteriously appear on Cannes’ red carpet with a film that will bring the living dead victims the recognition that they deserve.

Stanislav Staša Tomić