Title of the Project
Original    KREAS
English     MEAT

Feature Film

Country of origin of the project

Christos, a young Albanian, works in Takis' butcer shop in a greek village. Takis offers Christos a big amount of money yearly, that will be paid to his family if he takes the blame of the murder done by Takis' son.

Flashforward: Takis (52) and Eleni (48) in the police station. Eleni is in a shocked condition and she is asking when they are going to bring him because she wants to talk with him. The policeman replies that they will bring him in a while. Eleni cannot believe what happened and how he has done such a thing. She cannot get it in mind and she cannot believe that the kid has done that. The police officer replies that there is not an issue since he has confessed. The door opens, Christos (23) walks in with handcuffs accompanied by two officers.

The story from the begining: Christos is a young Albanian man that works with Pavlos (30) and his father at their butcher shop. He lives in a small house in the farm that belongs to Takis. The farm has a corral, a big walnuts field and the little house. There Christos does all the everyday chores. His mother has a heart problem and his two siblings live in Albania. Christos supports them financially. Pavlos’ s family takes care of him, they eat together almost every day and Pavlos, as most of his childhood friends do not live in the village anymore, hangs out more and more with Christos. Pavlos is in a relationship with Marilena (23), who wants to leave the village with him and move to Athens, but Pavlos does not want to do it.

The first night of the story, after they all had dinner together, Pavlos and Christos go out to a local strip bar, outside of the village and meets Ania, a prostiture that works there (23). He arranges with her to meet later in secret, hiding it from her pimp. The three of them go to the little house in the farm. At the farm, Pavlos is very drunk and cannot perform sexually, so after many insults and fights, he kills her with a shotgun.

Christos helps Pavlos to cover the murder after he begs him and threatens him. Since it hasn’t dawned yet they decide to bury her inside the farm, and the next night move her to another place. This action will be delayed for three nights. The next two nights some obstacles do not allow them to do so. At the same time, Ania’s pimp is looking for her and asks Pavlos, who denies everything. The third night Pavlos has gone to the birthday party of his girlfriend and never shows up. So Christos does the dirty job by himself: he digs her up and throws her off a cliff.

The next day, although there is a bad mood between them, they feel at least relieved that everything is over. Then the policemen call Pavlos for interrogation, since her pimp has given them all the names of the men that have been with her in the strip bar the last night Ania was there. Pavlos says he knows nothing, the policemen let him go, telling him that they will probably call Christos for interrogation too.

Takis pushed them to confess if they have done anything stupid but none of them speaks. Christos tells Pavlos that he things of leaving Greece and Pavlos prevents him, telling him that this will raise suspicion since the police will probably interrogate him too. Takis has started to suspect that something goes wrong and pushes Pavlos to speak to him. So Pavlos tells him everything. Then they both go to the farm and find Christos. Takis offers him a big amount of money yearly, that will be paid to his family if he takes the blame of the murder and his son is acquitted. Christos does not answer anything. Takis emphasizes that this must stay between the three of them and Eleni must not know anything.

Then, Christos finds out that his mother is in the hospital with her heart problem. The next day the policemen ask from Christos to follow them in the police station. After the interrogation Christos denies that he has any interference with the situation and they let him go. Takis and Pavlos push him more and more and the three of them are going to Takis’ lawyers office to assure him that if he takes the blame of the murder his jail time will be no more than ten years. The next day Takis finds out from his friend Antonis that he saw Christos throwing the body the cliff. Takis, taking advantage of this information, pushes Christos even more to take the blame, telling him that after all they are not going to believe him but them.

The afternoon of the same day, Eleni visits Christos at the farm bringing him dinner, since the last few days she hasn’t seen him at home. Eleni tells him that everything is going to be ok and Christos breaks into tears, without telling her anything more.
The next day Takis sends Pavlos and Christos at the farm to slaughter some goats. As the both hold knives, skinning the animals they have just slaughtered, Pavlos pushes Christos to accept their offer, threatening him that they may even not give him any money after all. Christos denies telling him that he does not want to be humiliated to his mother. After insults and fighting Pavlos holds the knife against the neck of Christos. Christos kills him to defend himself. Then Christos takes the dead body of Christos in the truck and drives to a remote place to hide it. On the way he changes his mind and goes to the police station to surrender himself.

The first scene of the movie: Christos is entering handcuffed. He is finally arrested for murdering Pavlos. Takis, feeling abettor he is looking at Christos without speaking. Eleni runs to him and hits him. The policemen are pulling her away. Voices and threats against Christos are heard from outside. Christos stares at Takis.

Dimitris Nakos