Title of the Project

Short Film

Country of Application of the project

A mother has to tell her child his father died and she uses the transvestite neighbor to explain that dying is just going from one matter / form to another.

Monika (39) is a mother of Ivica, 5 year old boy. Today was supposed to be an ordinary day but no. This morning, Jovo (52) Monika's husband and Ivica's father suddenly died. After the initial shock for Monika, her major problem is how to tell this to her son.
Monika is very fragile and confused, especially today. She has nobody by her side. Her parents and Jovo's are both dead. She’s on her own. She tries to get a grip and seems that she does. She calls the funeral services and waits for them to come. She doesn’t have time to fall apart from the shock. She has to tell Ivica. How does she do that without scaring him for life? She has to make up a story. Like the story with the bees and the flowers for sex but now for death. But, there isn't that kind of story....

Like what happened to her isn't enough, she's in a situation to save the transvestite neighbor Bozana (47) from the thugs that are chasing her. Monika takes her into her apartment. However, as it will turn out, Bozana will help Monika even more. Bozana will stay with Ivica while Monika is at the funeral. Bozana doesn’t tell the kid the truth though she suggests Monika that telling the truth is the best thing. She would know, she was living a lie for most of her life. However, Bozana respects Monika’s wish and fights the boy when he wants to call his father. While they're alone Bozana learns that Ivica loves chocolate very much and hides it from his father because he was always stealing it from him.

Monika would be safe today from explaining if a forgetful old lady from the building comes and gives Bozana condolences for her late husband. The smart boy starts asking questions. Bozana manages to 'safe herself' but Monika has to give an answer. She has to tell the truth or... figure out a story. So she does. The story sounds crazy and Monika is struggling with every word she says. She follows Ivica around and tells him a story about Bozana who used to be uncle Bozo – how can something for one thing become another. That happened to daddy today. First Ivica is not very interested, he’s looking for a place to hide the chocolate so his father won’t eat it, as it usually happened till now. But Monika is persistent. She is explaining that dad has become something else now, he is not as we know it but he’s still here. Ivica starts to listen and becomes confused. Monika constantly repeats - from Bozo – Bozana. When she finally didn’t have anything else to say she asks if he understands. He is quiet for some time then he asks – So… just like aunt Bozana. Dad is now like aunt Bozana. Exactly, says Monika and goes to the toilet to cry for a few hours.
Ivica and aunt Bozana end up sitting on a small wall in front of the building. Ivica would share his chocolate with her.

Eva Kamchevska