Title of the Project
Original   HERSTORY
English    HERSTORY

Feature Film

Country of origin of the project

A story of passion, marriage, murder, envy and retaliation

Far from the urban environment, at a time when Yugoslavia "blossoms", there is a village called Slupkovo where our hero Zana lives. Zana is a young, beautiful and good natured girl. Her goals in life are profound and clear. She doesn’t believe in marriage and her goals are much different than those of her fellow villagers. We follow her story and through it we learn about the treatment of women in these parts who are denied all human and civilization rights. They are treated in this environment as animals. She tells us about her painful life, about the rape and loss of virginity from her cousin Adem, whose task in fact was to protect and defend her. She tells us about her marriage with an unknown man, a total stranger as they usually do with all other women.

That marriage lasts only one single night. Night when her husband learns that she is not a virgin and returns her to her father. But the turning point in her story does not happen here. To get rid of the shame and the burden of the family, her father marries her for the second time, this time with Sefer. He is the richest and most powerful man in the village who, unfortunately, despite all the wealth and power that he owns, did not have the luck to be born a son. Sefer was married several times, tried out of wedlock, but his wives always gave birth to female children. The same fate happens to Zana, she gives birth to two more daughters. In the meantime, Sefer tries with the wife of his "servant" Rexhzep, Mikhri, who gave birth to three healthy sons to Rexhep.

Rexhep is a slave who fled from neighboring Albania because of a blood revenge. His freedom is arranged so that he and his family should stay and serve at Sefer's property as long as they are safe to return to Albania and until Sefer gets a son.

Sefer furious because Zana did not give birth to a son, gives his second daughter to his relative Bani, but lies Zana that the child died while she was away. In retaliation, Zana sleeps with the servant Rexhep and gives birth to a boy, but no one doubts that the child is not Sefer’s. Rexhep is happy that now after Sefer received an heir, he can freely leave with his family. But Sefer does not intend to comply with the agreement and he brazenly rejects him. After a fight with Rexhep, Sadush, one of the sons of Rexhep, strikes Sefer with a shovel, after which Sefer remains disabled and can neither speak nor move, he is completely paralyzed.

Zana continues to live and enjoy the acquired wealth while her husband Sefer remains mute and powerless and at the same time aware and horrified by the knowledge that the son is not his.

Ibrahim Deari