Title of the Project
Original   FAROVI

Feature Film

Country of origin of the project

Set in a car on the highway, HEADLIGHTS is the story of the final hour and a half in the life of a journalist on the brink of going public with a massive political corruption scandal, before he is killed in a crash under mysterious circumstances.

At the start we see BODAN at the gas station being recognized by the GAS STATION ATTENDANT. This indicates he is a well-regarded journalist known for his investigations of political affairs. Bodan starts his journey on the highway. He talks on the phone hands-free through a Bluetooth connection. The trivial family argument is interrupted by a call from BOZA, his editor-in-chief. Bodan does not seem to trust him and does not reveal his whereabouts. He is headed for a meeting with an UNKNOWN MAN regarding the massive corruption scandal he wants to expose. He also calls his lawyer SHUTE for some advice. The car malfunctions and he has to pull over. Without him noticing, ELVIRA, a girl who has obviously been badly beaten, enters the car. Only after getting back on the road does he notice the girl, who is running away from some powerful men. The car is stopped by the police. The situation is tense. BORCHE THE COP lets them go under the condition that Bodan does him a favor on the way back. Bodan makes a short stop and Elvira runs away, despite his pledges to help her. The Unknown Man calls, nervously asking why he is late for the meeting.

Bodan arrives at the meeting place, a motel. While he is at the meeting, two JUNKIES break inто his car. A shady MAN IN A SUIT notices them and they run away, as gunshots are heard off camera.

Bodan is angry when he returns from the meeting and sees the state of his car. He starts his journey back. He calls the Editor in a fit of rage and tells him to go ahead with the publication of the materials. There is something suspicious about the editor. Bodan calls Shute, saying that he does not intend to bargain and is going to publish everything, meaning the lawyer should prepare for possible ramifications and court cases. He calls the newspaper press but is told that the power has gone out, although he hears the sound of a TV in the background. He realizes he has been played. Furious, he calls the editor again and announces his resignation as well as the publication of the scandal somewhere else. The editor hangs up. He is unavailable. The mentally exhausted Bodan stops by the side of the road and falls asleep. He is woken up by the rotating lights of a police car. He is ordered to start the vehicle and leave. The police vehicle speeds off and in a split second he sees the girl. He is on the highway again when a text from Shute arrives telling him to call immediately. Suddenly, a flash of lights. He looks ahead. The crash is inevitable.

Srgian Yanikievik