Title of the Project

Short Film

Country of Application of the project

A teenage girl hasty to become an adult, meets her boyfriend's ex lover and by learning what ended their seemingly perfect relationship, decides that she wants to be careless for a little bit longer.

Tina is a girl on the verge of adulthood. She has recently graduated from high school and hooked up with Toto, a man more than ten years her senior. Not long ago, she moved in to live with him. It is summer and the couple decides to spend some time at Toto's old house in a small place by the lake where he grew up. Soon after arriving, Tina discovers an old picture of Toto and an ex lover who he refuses to talk about. Triggered by his reaction, Tina falls into a whirlpool of jealousy. Not long after, they find out that the ex lover has also returned to the city. Toto refuses to meet her, but Tina cannot help herself. They fight and Tina goes out alone to discover the story behind Toto's heartbreak. Meeting his ex lover, Tina is enchanted by her free spirit and her friendliness. Even though she is jealous, she starts to see a kind of a role model in her. That night there is a big storm and Toto's house is flooded. Tina should go back to Skopje until the house is repaired and Toto needs to stay to fix everything. However, after the events of that night, Tina feels like she needs to take it more slowly. As Toto drives her back to Skopje, she asks him if he could drop her off at her parents' place. Toto asks her whether she will return to live with him once he's back, to which she doesn't give a definite answer.

Ana Jakimska