Title of the Project
Original   EMIL
English    EMIL

Short Film

Country of Application of the project

Emil, a twelve-year old, witnesses his young single mother Renata being raped by her boyfriend Dino, a young dealer who was, up to now, his idol and with whom he was fascinated. But after Emil sees Dino raping his mother, he decides to take revenge and punish Dino.

Emil, a twelve-year-old boy, lives with his young mother Renata. They live in a modest apartment building. Renata is dating Dino, a hooligan dealer, who is younger than Renata. Their relationship is unhealthy as Dino is aggressive and Renata is too weak to break free. Nevertheless, Emil idolizes Dino and tries to copy his mannerisms, his behaviour and his way of thinking. He follows him around blindly and sees a role model in him.

But one night Dino rapes Renata. He might have been aggressive before, but never to this extent.

Emil sees him through a door that was left ajar. And at that moment everything crushes down. Dino disappoints Emil to the point where he starts to hate him. He has lost his role model. He also sees his mother being hurt and tries to help her but she doesn’t let him near.

He realizes his only family is his mother and someone has broken their little union. He decides to take revenge. After following Dino on one of his daily dealing trips he witnesses Dino getting stabbed. And instead of helping him, he hides the body behind a garbage container, so that on one else can help Dino either.

Neda Radić