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Feature Film

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SAMI, a washed out detective, battles personal and historical demons from his past as he works in solving a murder of a history professor in an alternate reality universe where Ottoman Empire did not fall, but was instead transformed into an Ottoman Confederation. In doing so, he meets LAYLA, the professor’s daughter, who uses him to achieve her goals for Arnautistan’s secession and independence.

In a current day alternate reality universe where the Ottoman Empire did not fall, but had evolved into Ottoman Confederation, SAMI, a washed out detective, works on solving the murder of an eminent history professor. Even though a Confederation loyalist, Sami falls for LAYLA, the professor’s daughter, during his attempts to solve the murder mystery and uncover the plot for the secession/independence of Arnautistan statelet. Thusly, he takes us deeper into the city’s underworld where we meet characters such as an oriental speakeasy proprietor, a weapons smuggler, a proprietor of a modern hamam, a gang leader, and former military commanders involved in a coup/revolution. The story is also an attempt at redemption for SAMI in both political and personal spheres, as he battles complex feelings for his fallen soldier father, as well as his inability to move on from his ex-fiance now married to a military commander. At the wake of the revolution/coup (and its success) SAMI is caught in the middle of a gun standoff and a shootout that ends bloodily, from which he emerges wounded but unharmed. A walk through the independence celebrations in town square, and him catching a glimpse of LAYLA delivering a victory speech, lead SAMI to conclude that perhaps change is perhaps possible in both his love life as well as for the society he lives in.

Artrit Bytyci
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