BALKAN FILM MARKET 2 – 6 October 2019
Time flies. Summer is over and Balkan Film Market is around the corner. Once a BFM friend you are always a friend, hence you are welcomed to be an integral part of Balkan Film Market 2019!
In order to embolden the cross-country productions, and encourage the collaboration between the creative forces in the region, this edition of Pitch Balkan takes place on October 5th, 2019.
Producers, financiers, sales agents and programmers can discover up and coming talent and projects from our region. About 14 projects will be selected, and afterword’s of the producer and the director will be available in one-on-one meetings.
Building upon the recent positive tradition of cross- region coproduction, we believe that BFM 2019 it is a great opportunity to find partners and enhance the collaboration.
Please reach out at hospitality@balkanfilmmarket.com to confirm your attendance at your earliest of your convenience so we can take care of all the details...
We look forward to welcoming you!


October 5, 2018
Pitch Balkan Main Event
Presentation of the Pitch's selected projects by their own producers and directors.
October 4, 2018

New Italian Cinema Legislation and its Impact on Co-Production. Presentation detailing new era of opportunities between Italy and Balkan nations. Where we stand with co-productions between countries and what the future holds.

Maria Giuseppina Troccoli, Roberto Stabile, Luciano Sovena , Paolo Vidali, Genc Permeti, Sehad Cekic, Ilir Butka


As it happens in the movies, we yearn for fresh starts and new beginnings. Last year’s successful launch of the Balkan Film Market compels us to not only to start over, but also to maintain the high standards already set in place. Building on previous achievements and moving towards new challenges is what every creator strives for. We strive to provide a venue for scouting and discovery of new talent.
Our ambition is to build bridges and lay out a platform on which content creators can promote and develop projects by facilitating a value exchange network. BMF will also serve as a hub enabling a regional flow of development, production, and distribution.
It is demanding to program a multi-faceted industry market that effectively matches authentic projects with producers and distributor chains that seek original vocation. We focus on regional projects that find it hard to find support elsewhere and on relevant stories driven by characters that wider audiences must learn about.
Our effort in developing workshops, several pitch formats, elaborate and professional panels, has at its core, our desire to share concerns, ideas, solutions, and finally, to eventually share success.
Andamion Murataj
BFM Director